Zhengzhou Yizeli Industrial Co., Ltd Export DATEM To USA

- Nov 15, 2018-

In the past many years, all employees of zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd have been adhering to the new era concept of “Science and Technology, Technology Innovation” and constantly innovating, making our company's technical level leap in the forefront of the industry. Gradually, more and more food factories, food additive distributors, and food emulsifier end customers in developed countries are increasingly favoring our food emulsifiers and compounding agents, such as this time,one new buyer import the distilled monoglyceride from Zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd to USA, this is the new buyer there, it appears that our food emulsifiers quality is great to upto the US standard. They are using the DATEM product to bread. Hope all the business are better and better. We will provide the best quality, best price and best service to you.