Happy Thanksgiving Day

- Nov 22, 2018-

On the occasion of this Thanksgiving Day, on behalf of all the employees of Zhengzhou yizeli industrial co., ltd., I would like to extend our festival greetings to those who supported us, caring about us, contacting us and care about our old and new customers. Happy holidays to you all!
Business is going well! We will continue to do our food emulsifier products well, to provide customers and friends with high quality products, meticulous services, reasonable prices. In the new business journey, I hope you will continue to support us.


It is with the support of our friends that our products can cross the ocean, reach your market and add light and heat to your market. We sincerely hope that we will work together to build a win-win cooperation and win-win cooperation link.


Since our company was founded, we have been committed to the research and development, production and marketing of food emulsifiers. With your support, our products have been exported to Asia, Africa, America, Europe and many other places. As long as there is food industry, there will be demand for our products. Food emulsifiers, Bread Improvers and ice cream stabilizers are also introduced in sequence. Next, we will seek new development in the feed industry, which also needs your support.

If food is a necessity, then our emulsifiers, modifiers, etc. are additives that make necessities more delicious and tasty. Food additives are known as the soul of food embellishment. As a Chinese food emulsifier manufacturer, we hope to turn our factory into a world factory. At the same time, as a food emulsifier supplier, we also hope to become a world food emulsifier supplier. We not only provide high quality food emulsifiers, such as DATEM, SSL, CSL, PGE, PGPR and so on, but also provide corresponding food emulsification solutions. We hope to use our specialty and our dedication to solve some of the problems encountered in your food production process.

New areas, new development, new business opportunities, we sincerely wish you happiness and well-being! Everything is going well. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!