What Types Of Emulsifiers Are Available

- Jun 07, 2018-

Emulsifiers are classified according to ionic property: anion, cation, non-ionic and amphoteric emulsifiers. For example, anionic paraffin micro-emulsifier AMP, cation

Paraffin micro emulsifier AMP, non - ion paraffin micro emulsifier NMP. The emulsifier is divided into oil and water according to whether the oil or water is outside or inside the emulsion

Type emulsifier and water-encapsulated oil emulsifier. At present, water-encapsulated oil emulsifier has more emulsifiers and less oil encapsulated water.

Oil-water type animal and plant oil emulsifier EAP, oil-water type diesel emulsifier EDO, oil-water type waste machine oil emulsifier EEO, etc.