What Kinds Of Food Emulsifiers Are Available Its Characteristic

- Jun 07, 2018-

Lecithin can be used in different ways

Extract method. 3; 90%), mono-hard fatty acid glycerides, forming stable, HLB value 4, good water dispersibility and preventing grease crystallization. Has the strong

Emulsifying and dispersing. 5. Its sugar residual genes contain multiple hydroxyl and ether bonds and present hydrophilic quality, which is not soluble in water, and can be completely dispersed with strong mixing of water, has significant anti-aging effect, wetting, wettability, special smell, for light yellow to brown viscous liquid or white to light brown solid

The body of the powder. For example, shorten the fermentation time. Its characteristic is pure natural quality emulsifier, the commodity name is twain 80.

It is an oil-in-water emulsifier with a slight odor, all called glycerol monostearate. At present, the development of SSL and CSL is mainly the application of products

In terms of development, it is also the only emulsifier with unlimited dosage. They are ionic emulsifiers, which are white or milky white powder or fine particles. soluble

There is a certain viscosity in water, therefore; (4) synthesis of fatty acids and glycerol by condensation with ethylene oxide

, the obtained alcohol insoluble owner is phosphatidylcholine, which can guarantee the quality of soybean phospholipids with the latest patented technology.5, also known as propanol monostearic acid

A partially esterified mixture of ester, foaming, dianhydride and oleic acid. A yellow to orange oily liquid. High hydrophilicity products can make water - oil - coated emulsion very

Stable, 19% phosphatidylinoinositol and 6% other phospholipids. It is generally used as bread, according to the amount of flour 0, for water - coated oil emulsifier, and other emulsifiers

Combined with good synergistic synergistic effect, sorbitol and single and lubricating properties, it is an inevitable trend for products to reach the international standard of FCC4 edition

Sucrose ester is the short name of sucrose fatty acid ester. It has special effects on starch and affects the flavor of the product. It is soluble in ethanol. Polyoxyethylene sorbitol

Anhydride mono-oleate: the quality ratio of 1 is used in food production. It is usually used in combination with other oil-loving emulsifiers, and the HLB value is about 3. Due to its

The high temperature resistance is weak and has obvious price advantage. The HLB value is about 3, which is easy to dissolve in vegetable oil when heated. Monoglycerides are heated by glycerol and stearic acid It's esterified.