What Is Emulsified Asphalt

- Jun 07, 2018-

 What is emulsified asphalt used in highway engineering asphalt materials at room temperature is generally a semi-solid viscous material, to be used in highway engineering

In application, it must be liquid before it can be used for spraying or mixing with ore. There are three ways to make it liquid. 

Is a common heating method, is to bitumen heated to 130-180 ℃, make it flow state, and then spraying at high temperatures or with mineral aggregate after heating

Mixing; The other is to use gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other solvents to dilute oil asphalt into liquid asphalt, this product is also called light asphalt or dilution asphalt, however

Spray or mix with ore at room temperature; The third is to emulsify asphalt. The so - called emulsified asphalt, is the bitumen hot melt, through mechanical action

The bitumen is dispersed in a small droplet state in an aqueous solution containing emulsifier to form a water-oil coated bituminous emulsion, which is at room temperature

Drought liquid. The emulsion consists of two types: oil-in-water and water-in-oil. When the continuous phase is water and the discontinuous phase is oil, it is water enclosing oil type (FIG. 1-1).

On the contrary, it is oil-water type. Stable emulsion obtained by dispersing bituminous particles uniformly in aqueous solutions containing emulsifiers. Emulsified asphalt is

Road bitumen, normally used at high temperatures, is diffused into water through mechanical stirring and chemically stable methods (emulsifying) and liquefied to normal temperature viscosity

A very low, highly mobile road building material. It can be used at room temperature and can be used with cold and damp stone. When the emulsion drain

The final strength of the road material is formed when the broken green milk is solidified - it is reduced to continuous asphalt and water is completely eliminated. In many ways

In road construction applications, emulsified asphalt provides a safer, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly system than hot asphalt because it avoids high temperature operation

Doing, heating and harmful emissions. Emulsified asphalt is mainly used for road upgrading and maintenance, such as stone chip sealing layer, as well as a variety of unique, other asphalt

Material irreplaceable applications, such as cold mix, thin pulp sealing layer. Emulsified asphalt can also be used for new road construction, such as adhesive layer oil, permeability layer oil, etc.