The Production Process Of Emulsified Asphalt

- Jun 07, 2018-

The production process includes: heating temperature of asphalt and soap, PH value adjustment of soap, flow control of each pipeline during production.

(1) the heating temperature of asphalt and soap solution to achieve a good flow state of asphalt requires a high temperature of asphalt, and the emulsifier is dissolved in water.

The improvement of the activity of the emulsifier soap solution, the decrease of the interfacial tension of water and asphalt, etc., requires the soap solution to be at a certain temperature. The temperature after emulsifying bitumen production

Degree not higher than 100 ℃, otherwise will cause the boiling of water, these factors are integrated, choose asphalt heating temperature is 120 ~ 140 ℃, temperature for soap

55 ~ 75 ℃, the outlet temperature of the emulsified asphalt is not higher than 85 ℃.

(2) the PH regulating emulsifier of soap solution itself has certain acid and alkaline due to its chemical structure. Ionic emulsifiers dissolve in water to form soap

The PH value of liquid and PH has an effect on the activity of the emulsifier, which can be enhanced by adjusting the appropriate PH value, and even some emulsifiers do not adjust the PH value of the soap solution

It's not going to dissolve. The activity of cationic emulsifier was enhanced by acidity, the activity of anionic emulsifier was enhanced by basicity, and the activity of non-ionic emulsifier and PH were not

Shut. When using emulsifier, PH value should be adjusted according to specific product instructions. Commonly used acids and bases include hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, formic acid, acetic acid and hydrogen

Sodium oxide, pure alkali, water glass.

(3) the pipeline flow control of asphalt and soap determines the content of asphalt in emulsified asphalt products, and the emulsified equipment is fixed after birth

The output is basically fixed. The flow rate of each pipeline should be calculated and adjusted according to the type of emulsified asphalt produced

Production of emulsified asphalt.