S. K Clients Visit Our Comany For Emusifiers

- Aug 13, 2018-

Today, our company welcomed the first batch of SK customers, guests are very interested in our company's PGE, DATEM and other emulsifiers, guests visited our production workshop, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, and compound production workshop. The client pointed out that in the future food emulsifier business cooperation process, they rely on our modern production equipment, as well as modern production processes. The customer's product application involves the food baking, anti-corrosion, and feed industries. The customer pointed out that in the future cooperation, the cooperation space of additives in the feed industry will be gradually expanded, and our cooperation will be comprehensive. Later, the customer started the application test of food additives in our laboratory and was very satisfied with the application effect of our products. Customers have repeatedly put forward that in the following time, our manufacturers should establish closer cooperation with application manufacturers to maximize the role of food additives. The whole visit process was carried out in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Finally, the client expressed his gratitude to us and proposed to promote further business cooperation after returning home.