Our Company Meet South Korea Food Emusifier Buyers

- Apr 01, 2019-

In the bright April, our company ushered in the Korean emulsifier procurement group. We had a friendly communication with Shanghai FIC and exchanged ideas on the procurement of emulsifier raw materials, production processes, and product export business. The visit was attended by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and food emulsifier application companies and foreign trade companies. Through this business exchange, we have learned a lot of information, such as the market situation in Korea, the technical situation of emulsifier application, and the main competitive factors of the products. These exchanges, for the future production of our products, technology update, market positioning, etc. Both have played a positive role. In this exchange, we have made targeted technical exchanges for the application of emulsifiers in the baking, oil, cosmetics and feed industries proposed by our customers. The customers fully affirmed our professionalism and gave high praise to our product quality, price and service.

The chairman of the company, the manager of the technical department, the manager of the foreign trade department, and the manager of the logistics department have elaborated on the company's position and its essential work. For the questions raised by the customers, we record in detail, rigorously experiment, and make accurate responses in the shortest time.

We believe that with our continuous efforts, we will provide customers with more perfect emulsifier application solutions, we will provide customers with more perfect quality, price and service system. Bright spring will definitely bring us brilliant achievements.