Notes On The Use Of Fast Penetration Agents

- Jun 07, 2018-

Fast osmosis agent is an anionic surfactant. The fast penetration agent is a yellowish to brown-yellow viscous liquid. Dissolve in water, the solution is milky white, can significantly reduce the surface tension. In the printing and dyeing industry as a rapid penetration agent, both fast and even. Also used as emulsifier, detergent, surfactant, etc.

Fast penetration agent is a kind of anionic surfactant, which has the characteristics of fast penetration, uniformity, wettability and foaming ability. Not resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, heavy metal salt and reducing agent. Rapid permeants are soluble in hydrophilic solvents such as water and low alcohol. Also soluble in benzene, kerosene and petroleum solvents. Quick penetrating agent under 40 ℃ penetration effect is best, when they were in the high temperature alkali hydrolysis more easily. So appropriate under 40 ℃ to fabric after penetrating agent treatment first to heat up again.

The following four points are notes for the use of fast penetration agents:

I. the fast permeant is not resistant to strong alkali and cannot be directly added to concentrated alkali liquor. The alkali liquor should be diluted first and then added.

The fast permeant belongs to the anionic active agent, which cannot be used in the same bath with the cation active agent and the cation dye.

The pulp had better be depurated to ensure the infiltration effect.

4. If it is found that too much foam can be added to a small amount of octanol and tributyl phosphate to defoaming agents when using the rapid permeant.