New Products Quality Is Better And Better

- Sep 16, 2018-

Our company through this equipment overhaul, our product quality is better and more stable than before. In this overhaul, we mainly improved the color control of our products, and introduced more perfect automatic control system to ensure the consistency of our product quality. In September 15, 2018, we officially started the trial run. After a period of production, we inspected the quality, color, and indicators of the finished products, and found that there were better improvements compared with before maintenance. Take Diacetyl teartaric acid esters of mono-and diglyceride as an example, DATEM is a widely used food additive, mainly used in bread and oil products, the product's direct appearance, color and internal indicators, the customer satisfaction is greatly affected, this overhaul, we aim at these aspects, is the right solution, such as changing the pipelines, To bring in the modern control system with production alarm function lays the foundation for producing high quality products. This production of DATEM, more beautiful color, more excellent indicators, we passed the information to the customer, has been recognized by the customer, we will post new samples to the customer, so that customer can test them, customer satisfaction, is the detection of our product quality is the only standard.

 yizeli new control system