New Food Emulsifiers Business And Mask Business

- Jun 04, 2020-

 Time flies, and in June, in the past six months, thank you new and old customers for their trust and support as before, so that our emulsifier business has developed well. At present, our emulsifier business mainly takes DATEM, SSL, DMG, CSL, PGE and other main export products. At the same time, we have taken a new step towards the compound emulsifier industry. Our compound emulsifiers mainly include cake gel The market demand for products such as emulsifiers and bread improvers is active.


 At present, coronavirus is still serious in foreign countries. I hope that customers and friends will actively prevent and pay attention to the outbreak. If there is a need for masks and other materials, you can contact us in time. We strive to support our customers to overcome the difficulties of the outbreak and promote the further development of the food emulsifier business development.

 If you have a demand for video emulsifiers, or even anti-epidemic materials, such as masks (KN95, N95, SURGIC MASK, DISPOSABLE MEDICAL MASK), protective clothing, gloves, etc., as long as you have needs, we will do our best to meet your demand.

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Thank you friends for your enthusiastic support!