The New Journey Of Food Additives

- Jul 05, 2018-


We, yizeli additive, set forth that, we will devote all of our effort to food additives manufacturing and exporting, we are a food emulsifiers producer and exporter in China, we produce food emulsifiers: Diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono-diglyceride(DATEM, E472E), Sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL, E481), Calcium Stearoyl lactylate(CSL, E482), Distilled monoglyceride(DMG, E471), Polyglycerol esters of fatty acid(PGE, E475), Acetylated monoglyceride(Acetem, E42a),E472B(LACTEM),

E472C(CITREM),E476(PGPR), E477(PGMS) and so on; Compound food ingredients such as: bread improver, cake gel emulsifiers and Ice cream stabilizer and so on. We will keep to provide the best price, best service and best quality products to you, for the details, please find our website: