Knowledge Of Emulsifier OP

- Jun 07, 2018-

Emulsifier OP for oily yellow viscous liquid or cream, waxy solid, dissolve in various hardness of the water, with good acid and alkali resistance, salt resistance, is the general low foam efficient surfactant. Good emulsification. Infiltration and wetting; Uniform dyeing and diffusion properties, can be mixed with various surfactants. It is mainly used in leather, papermaking, coating and daily chemical industry.

The emulsifier OP is usually a mixture of surfactant and mineral oil and grease, but it can also dissolve in water. It can remove dirt from the fabric by breaking down oil and grease into very small particles. Once emulsified in water, oil and grease can be removed by dilution.

From emulsifier OP - 10 emulsifier formula can be seen, the nonpolar groups is very long, so its hydrophobic ability is strong, and hydrophilic group for the clip in the hydrocarbon chain, ether base hydrophilic ability is weak, so that the OP - 10 hydrophilic ability is weak, without adding water in the emulsifier OP - l0, the hydrophobic group and water-based are on the outside at the same time, so its hydrophilic ability is weak, low HLB value; But when add water in the OP - 10 emulsifier, the molecular space configuration of the OP - 10 in water under the action of changed, winding form structure, its the hydrophobic group in hydrophilic group, and makes the hydrophilic group in the outside, the hydrogen bond in the form of water molecules with ether connection; Moreover, many water molecules are connected around the OP-10 molecule to form a large hydrophilic group, which greatly improves its hydrophilic ability and thus improves the HLB value. And the amount of water added, in relation to its formation, the adequacy of the winding structure which affect the emulsifier OP a 10 HLB value, therefore, reasonable to determine the concentration of the emulsifier is the key to oil mixed emulsifier.