Glyceryl Monolaurate Exported To Europe Market

- Jul 11, 2019-

 Warmly congratulate our company on the successful export of Glyceryl monolaurate(GML) products to the European market. Our customers are mainly used in animal feed industry. Our GML has the characteristics of low price and high quality, good product stability, good color, small smell, and 1-2 percentage points higher monoester content than the counterparts suppliers. At the same time, we are located in the central part of China, with a wide range of traffic, which can be transported by land, sea, air or combined transport.

 Our company mainly produces food emulsifiers, but also has strong matching strength. At present, we mainly have bread improver, ice cream stabilizer, cake gel, cake gel emulsifier, etc. the products are well received by customers.

 GML is a very good product. We innovate in production technology, use new production technology, and strictly screen raw materials, so as to ensure the excellent quality of products. We are exploring new applications of GML, and we believe we will achieve new results.