Food Emulsifiers Price Will Be Risen Up Higher

- Dec 19, 2018-

To the majority of customers:

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Recently, the price of raw materials for food emulsifiers has continued to rise, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of food emulsifiers and related products. At present, our DATEM, SSL, CSL, DMG, PGMS, PGE, PGPR and compound food emulsifiers and their modifiers: CAKE GEL EMULSIFIERS and BREAD IMPROVER, the price of these products will further increase. Most of our raw materials come from palm oil. For example, glycerin and stearic acid are our main raw materials. Due to the price of international raw materials, our raw material prices will also face price increases. If you are a manufacturer of the bakery industry, the grease industry or a distributor, consider new purchase orders for greater profit. According to the forecast of relevant departments, the price increase is expected to continue until April 2019, which is currently the best time to purchase. If you have a demand, consider the purchasing as soon as possible, and even if there will be demand in the future, please consider purchasing as well. Orders will give you a better profit margin.

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