Erqi District State Taxation Bureau Official Visit Our Company For The Food Emulsifiers Exporting Project

- Jul 02, 2018-

 July, 2ND, 2018, Erqi District State Taxation Bureau official to visit or company, to guide the food emulsifiers exporting project. We are a food emulsifiers producer and we export our DATEM, DMG, SSL, PGPR, CITREM,PGE,ACETEM, etc.,The officials understood the food emulsifiers production processing, and we had a good communication, and the officials were satisfied with our quality, they gave us thier guide on the tax. area, and affirmed our food emulsifiers exporting working , they emphasized that the food emulisifers qulity is very important, and it was more improtant for the food emulsifiers exporting. At last, Our general manager promise that the food emulsifiers quality is the basic for a factory, to keep the food safety, is our long term strategic policy, and more, we have our compound food emulsifiers, such as Cake gel emulsifiers, bread improver, Ice cream Stabilizer, will be push into the market, by and by, more and more food additives buyer will contact us for the new business cooperation. The whole communication were actived under the friendly ambience.