Food Emulsifier Shipment Planning

- Dec 21, 2020-

At the end of the year, facing the Chinese New Year holiday, our company is stepping up stocks to meet the market demand for food emulsifiers. Since the outbreak of the international epidemic this year, the supply and demand situation in various countries' markets has undergone great changes. In particular, many foreign food factories have been affected by the epidemic and some have difficulty in starting production, which has caused corresponding demand impacts. On the other hand, under the influence of the epidemic, many foreign food emulsifier manufacturers had to reduce production and volume to adapt to the current supply and demand relationship. At the same time, China’s epidemic prevention and control measures are effective, appropriate methods and effective, and many manufacturers have little influence. For example, the food emulsifiers produced by our company, DATEM, SSL, DMG, CSL, etc., have not been affected. Since the production period, the price of our emulsifiers has also risen due to the impact of rising sea freight and rising raw material prices. Currently, the products whose prices are greatly affected by raw materials are: E472E, E481, E482, E471, etc. I hope you will work hard to plan your needs and communicate with us in time so that we can deliver goods in a timely and reasonable manner.

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