Symposium On Celebrating The 70th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The People's Republic Of China

- Sep 30, 2019-

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the great motherland, all the staff of our company held a rich celebration. The theme of the event is "70 years of experience, adds elegance to the our motherland". As a food emulsifier manufacturer, we have an inescapable responsibility to ensure food safety.

First, the quality control department swears wholeheartedly to "ensure product quality", the theme of which is "We will protect food safety by taking care of our own life". The theme of the production department is "using high-quality raw materials to produce quality food emulsifiers". After that, every department of our company made an oath that we should use our actual actions to make high-quality food emulsifiers and use our own practical actions to wish our great motherland the 70th anniversary of its birthday. And wish our great motherland prosperous and strong, the company's business is booming.


My colleagues in the foreign trade department have benefited a lot from this activity. They will devote more enthusiasm to the increasingly complex international trade competition and make their own contribution to the export of food emulsifiers.

Subsequently, the chairman of our company made a summary. He pointed out that in today's peaceful era, people live and work in peace and contentment, enterprises should strive to start their own businesses, employees should work hard, vigorously safeguard food safety, ensure the quality of emulsifiers, and submit our responsible answers to the motherland's 70th birthday. The chairman emphasized that the strength of our motherland is the solid backing for our business. If our country is not strong, it will be difficult to build a business, let alone qualified products, and will never gain a share in the export market. As a producer of food emulsifiers, we should always bear in mind our mission and make the greatest efforts to create more excellent performance to our ancestors. State gift!


As for the current form of foreign trade export, Mr. Chairman pointed out that exporting qualified and high-quality products is the foundation of our survival. We have perfect certification, such as RSPO, HALAL, KOSHER, BRC and so on, which will certainly play a role in the future export business. Without a sound quality system, exports are empty talk. We are willing to use our practical actions to safeguard the safety of international food additives. It adds luster to China's food additive export industry.

Our activities ended in the Grand National anthem. Through this activity, we are more patriotic, dedicated, more united and friendly, and strive to shine and heat in our jobs, pushing forward our food emulsifier cause.

Wish our great motherland prosperity! I wish our company a better performance.