Food Emulsifier Exhibition FIC Shanghai

- Mar 22, 2019-

yizeli additive FIC

FIC opened as scheduled in 2019, and Chinese and foreign food enterprises gathered in Shanghai. As a food emulsifier manufacturer, Zhengzhou Yizeli went to Shanghai Pavilion as usual. We have received a large number of domestic and foreign customers. We have well communicated the current situation and future of food emulsifier business, exchanged their ideas and suggestions, and played a great role in our future food emulsifier production and export. Next, we will further close to the market, deeply tap the market demand, fully understand the composition of customer products, to do our best products, to the precise market, to meet the precise needs of customers. At present, our DATEM, SSL and other food emulsifiers have been sold all over the world. We sincerely invite new and old customers to visit our factory, take a look, and discuss the development of the industry together.