One Buyer Visit Our Company For The DATEM Product

- Sep 27, 2018-

Today, our great clients who came from SF country, visited our company , for the diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono and diglyceride product business. Our clients use the DATEM to the Non-dairy creamer products. LAst month, we send our E472E samples to them and they had a successful testing , today, the client visited our production line, and they were satisfied with our company our service and production line,even the lab equipment, they expressed that they want to be our distributor in their county, we trust in short time, we will build the new business relation ship, all the items will be ok, trust us, trust yizeli, choose us, choose Yizeli additive, it is right. Here, may the buyer have a good trip to our company, hope they can learn some food emulsifiers items. Great, our buyer, trust us will have a win-win cooperation in future.