Customer Visit Zhengzhou Yizeli Industrial Co., Ltd

- Oct 31, 2018-

With the cold weather, the food emulsifier industry seems to have entered the peak season. Because of the low melting point of food emulsifier, high temperature in summer, easy to agglomerate, and the production process is greatly affected by environmental temperature, the food emulsifier industry is not too hot in hot weather. Today, the weather is cold, the demand for customers is booming, our company's production list is very full. Yesterday, Italy customers came to visit our company and made a very high appraisal of our company. Customers pointed out that from the raw material warehouse to the production workshop, from the equipment to the finished product warehouse, have highlighted the company's standardized production strength. Customers commented that they had visited many factories, but today they were particularly satisfied with visiting Yizeli Company, hoping that the future cooperation of food emulsifiers will be smooth. Customers are very interested in ouremulsifier E472e, emulsifier e471, sodium stearoyl lacylate, calcium stearoyl lactylate, distilled monoglyceride, bread improver and so on. The customer took some of our samples. We believe that make food emulsifier good quality, do customer satisfied service, solve customer application problems, our business will be better, Yizeli's tomorrow, will be brilliant.QQ图片20181017095117