what should food emulsifier producer do

- Apr 11, 2019-

 At March 21, 2019, an explosion occurred in the one Chemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province. The accident caused heavy casualties. The local Government decided to completely shut down the Chemical Industry Park, and some areas in Jiangsu have also The district is on the agenda and will inevitably affect chemical companies across the country.  In the past two years, chemical industry accidents have occurred frequently, and relevant government departments have become the top priority for environmental protection and safety management of chemical enterprises. This incident has caused the prices of major chemical raw materials in the country to rise madly. In the short period of 15 days, the explosion has been 300%, and the impact is still continuing, which makes the price and extent of raw materials rise, and the domestic chemical raw materials prices will remain high.
 As a food emulsifier manufacturer, “safety” and “environmental protection” should be the top priority of the company, improve the awareness of safety production, train the professional operation knowledge of employees, and strictly control the quality of food emulsifiers.

At the same time, it needs to be done as follows:

 Cultivate employees' safety awareness and standardize operational procedures; develop and continuously improve standards, procedures and specifications for various chemical safety technologies. Do a good job of preventing and controlling dangerous phenomena in the production process.
 As a socially responsible food emulsifier producer, we have a responsibility to maintain social stability and ensure food safety. At the same time, we will make the above analysis of the specific impact, and our emulsifier price will also rise as the price of raw materials rises. I hope that our customers and friends can see our information and make purchase decisions as soon as possible. We will implement an update to the latest price.