We provide quality food emulsifier DATEM

- Jun 27, 2019-

With the advent of summer, the temperature has gradually increased. For our food emulsifiers, the high temperature is not good for our production and storage. On the contrary, it will bring some difficulties. For example, in the production process, because the melting point of the emulsifier itself is not high, coupled with the high temperature requirement of cooling spray drying, the actual production will be reduced. The temperature of storage environment plays an important role in the storage of food emulsifiers. We usually use cold storage in summer. Although the cost will increase, the protection of products is more important. For example, we produce DATEM, SSL, DMG, CITREM, LACTEM, CSL, GML, PGE, BREAD IMPROVER and so on. Because their melting point is not high and they are easy to agglomerate, they have higher requirements for later storage and transportation.

At present, the main measures to deal with such conditions are: storage room constant temperature; transportation constant temperature container; destination port storage constant greenhouse.

The above measures can effectively solve the problem of emulsifier caking. The disadvantage is that the cost will increase. Even some customers have not set up a constant temperature storage room. The constant temperature box is used for timely sea transportation, and it will be easy to caking when it comes to customers. As a food emulsifier manufacturer, we are more knowledgeable and professional about our products. We have rich experience in production and application. Our equipment is advanced and first-class in the industry. Our technical engineers have strong R&D capability, high technology level, rich warehousing logistics and management experience. Our sales service team earnestly meets the needs of customers themselves. To provide customers with the exact products they need, or even a system of solutions.

For example, in the case of the application of DATEM in the Non-dairy creamer(NDC), we have advanced experimental equipment, which can operate the synthesis of the end NDC in the laboratory. This is a very good help for customers. We can customize special products according to the needs of customers. At present, our DATEM, DMG, SSL, ACETEM, LACTEM and other products can be customized. We can produce the products most needed by customers. The company's most basic requirements for business and technology, only in this way, we can be closer to the market demand, close to customers, to help customers develop related products.

Over the years, we have been committed to the research and development and application of new products, we can adjust the production process at any time to obtain better product quality; we have been controlling profits to the minimum, giving benefits to customers, creating a win-win cooperation model; we will continue to deepen our research and development, application diversification, service precision, in order to cooperate with more customers. Households.

Buying qualified emulsifiers, getting better products and making better quality food will become the final requirement of the buyers of food additives. We will refine the products and optimize their quality. We will provide a complete service system for your products.

Food additives importers friends, choose us, we have good products, good prices, to maximize your profits; we have strong technical strength, so that your products are more optimized. Baking industry and oil industry customers and friends, choose our emulsifier, you will reap more benefits, more success.