Topic of Citrem food emulsifier

- Aug 06, 2018-

We know, there are many food emulsifiers in the food industry, but, do you know the Citrem clearly? Do you know, how to use it in food? Then, we will have a topic today, for the Citrem. 

Citric Acid Esters of Mono-and Diglycerides (CITREM) is a non-ionic food emulsifier, which is a product of esterification of glycerol with fatty acids and citric acid. The HLB value is 4-6. It has the effects of emulsification, dispersion, chelation, antioxidant synergism, anti starch aging and controlling fat agglutination. It can be added to many kinds of food according to production needs; it can be widely used in fried potato chips, baking products, meat products, emulsified fat products, infant formula food, big baby and infant formula food, and the anti scaling of sugar mill sugar.

Citrem is commonly referred to as citric acid glyceride, citric acid monoglyceride and so on.


White powder, insoluble in cold water, can be dispersed in hot water and hot grease.

Characteristics and applications:

1., it has emulsification, dispersion, chelation and antioxidation.

2., it is used for emulsifying fat products, dairy products, Oils and fats, meat products, improving its stability, taste and taste.

3. for ice cream, chocolate, candy to increase efficiency and solubilization.

4. crystallization of alpha crystals can be used as splashing agents for oils and fats.

5., it can be complexed with trace heavy metals, mixed with antioxidants for synergistic and solubilizing effects, and can inhibit the browning of products.

6., it has the function of inhibiting the fading of the product's light, which can keep the product red.

7. the Codex Alimentarius CAC stipulates that it can be used as an emulsifier, chelating agent, stabilizer and antioxidant.

Uses: antioxidants, emulsifiers, chelating agents, stabilizers, thickeners.

Scope and amount of use:

Suggest adding methods:

1, add this product to warm water at around 60 degrees, make paste, then add it to the appropriate ratio.

2, in chopping, kneading meat products can be directly added or mixed with other powder added.