Properties and applications of osmotic agents

- Jun 07, 2018-

Performance and application

1. This product is alkali resistant and heavy metal salt resistant, and has no affinity for various fibers.

2. As an osmotic agent in the textile industry, it can be used for sizing, desizing, boiling and bleaching.

3. Leather industry can be used as skin permeant or degreasing agent.

4. Strong washing ability, easy to remove all kinds of oil and soft hands.

Production safety

Non - explosive, almost non - toxic, non - irritating to skin.


200kg galvanized bucket.

Storage, transportation and precautions

1. One-year warranty period. One year after the reinspection qualified can still be used.

2. Wash the stained skin with water, and rinse with water in the splash.

3. The warranty period is one year, and it can still be used after one year's inspection.

4. Avoid splashing people's eyes, and wash them with clean water.