Polyglycerol ester used in plastics, synthetic resins and rubber processing

- Sep 14, 2018-

Polyglycerol ester can be used as plasticizer, lubricant, antistatic agent and anti-dropping agent of polyoxyethylene or polyolefin in the process of resin processing. For example, polyglyceride has antifogging property to polyolefin resin, in the mixed type, oleic acid polyglyceride has initial antifogging effect, stearic acid polyglyceride has long-term antifogging effect; in the coating type, lauric acid polyglyceride has strong antifogging property. Polyglyceride is used as the main ingredient of anti-dropping agent in the production of PVC non-dropping agricultural film. The special non-dropping agricultural film has good light transmittance and anti-fogging. Polyglycerol esters are used as emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization of polyoxyethylene or styrene resins as the main ingredients of anti-dropping suppositories, and as modifiers for natural rubber and synthetic rubber (such as styrene-butadiene rubber).