Main functions of ice cream stabilizer

- Aug 14, 2020-

Main functions of ice cream stabilizer

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  1) Reach the predetermined organizational structure, increase the viscosity of the ice cream slurry, and reduce the fluidity. According to the basic principles of physical chemistry and colloidal chemistry, ice cream slurry is a thermodynamically unstable micro-multiphase system. Under the premise of the existence of a sufficient amount of ice cream stabilizer, the dispersed phase in the ice cream slurry is homogenized and dispersed through a homogenizer or ultra-micro colloid grinding shear force. In the process of stirring and cooling the ice cream slurry after entering the aging tank and the constant temperature process of stirring after reaching the aging temperature, since the increase in the viscosity of the ice cream slurry far exceeds the decrease in the viscosity of the stirring shear thinning, the particles of the dispersed phases are difficult to coalesce. The separation of the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium is achieved, and the ice cream slurry remains stable.


2) Reduce the interfacial tension of the "air/water" and "oil/water" interfaces in the ice cream slurry, so that the fat and the fat-containing solid dispersed phase fine particles (such as cocoa powder, coffee powder) in the ice cream slurry are homogenized Under the action of mechanical or ultra-fine colloid grinding shear force, it is crushed into tiny droplets, so that the oil is easy to disperse, and the oil-containing solid dispersed phase fine particles that are wetted and expanded by the emulsifier may also be dispersed with greater dispersion. The interfacial tension of the "air/water" interface is reduced, which makes the ice cream slurry easy to form bubbles. When the ice cream slurry enters the aging tank and a part or most of the agitator is exposed to the liquid surface of the ice cream slurry, the bubbles increase with the increase of the stirring force and the stirring time. This ice cream slurry is used for quick freezing in a salt water tank without using a freezing machine to obtain ice cream with low puffing rate.


  3) The water-soluble colloidal thickener molecules in the ice cream slurry are strongly hydrated, most of the water becomes bound water, and the activity of the free water is reduced, so that the ice cream frozen by the freezer maintains the particulate ice crystals to avoid the generation of ice slag. The emulsified oil particles, ice cream stabilizer and related components of ice cream make the ice cream have a delicate and smooth mouthfeel. In the freezing process of ice cream, ice cream stabilizers help delay the growth of particulate ice crystals and delay the appearance of ice scum.


4) The water-soluble gum thickener molecules in the ice cream stabilizer help to enhance the stretch and shrink strength of the bubble film in the ice cream; help to improve the elasticity and strength of the ice cream network structure, so that the ice cream has a certain Resistance to melting, so that the garland of the garland ice cream has a certain degree of dispersion stability and resistance to melting.


  5) Ice cream stabilizer helps to maintain the unique flavor of ice cream and reduce the loss of ice cream flavor.


  6) Ice cream stabilizers help to form the internal structure and appearance of different types of ice cream. With the main ingredients and unique flavor materials, new products with four major characteristics: novel, strange, special and excellent can be produced.


Accordingly, the definition of ice cream stabilizer is recommended as follows: Anything that can increase the viscosity of ice cream slurry, improve the dispersion of oil and fat-containing solid particles, delay the increase of particulate ice crystals and the time when ice slag appears, and improve the taste and interior of ice cream The structure and appearance state of the food additives that improve the dispersion stability of the ice cream system and a certain degree of resistance to melting are called ice cream stabilizers.