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- Jun 07, 2018-

Medical emulsifier, twain t-80 is trustworthy

With the rapid development of The Times, people pay more attention to physical and mental health and maintenance. However, the food, medical treatment and cosmetics industry has become a concern of the people, the production and processing of these three industries is particularly important for consumers' physical and mental health and beautiful skin color, which is also a concern of the vast group, of course", these three industries are closely related to our health and life. No matter it is food, medical treatment, or cosmetic industry, many additives are indispensable, such as

: emulsifiers, antifoaming agents, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other additives, so in order to make a good product, we must start with additives.

Emulsifiers are widely used in the food, cosmetic, medical and other processing industries, but there is no more commonly used than milk in cosmetics, food and medical treatment

Chemical twain t-80 - it is used not only as an emulsifier in food, but also as a solvent in cosmetics, textiles and medicine, as well as in the production of detergents and detergents

Antirust of metal surface is used as emulsifiers, dispersants, stabilizers, dispersants, wetting agents, softeners, antistatic agents, antirust agents and so on

It is applied to the exploitation and transportation of petroleum. It is conceivable that people's physical and mental health, beauty and skin care, as well as some production and processing of various light textiles and industries.