How to use food emulsifiers

- Dec 14, 2020-


Food emulsifier is a kind of food additive that is widely used in the food industry. At present, our company mainly produces DATEM, DMG, SSL, CSL, PGPR, PGMS, PGE, CITREM, ACETEM, BREAD IMPROVER, CAKE GEL EMULSIFIER AND SO ON.

datem POWDER

In addition to emulsification, edible emulsifiers have the following functions:

1. Combine with starch to prevent aging and improve product texture.

2. Interaction with protein can improve the network structure of the dough, strengthen the gluten network, enhance toughness and resistance, make the protein elastic and increase its volume.

3. Anti-sticking and anti-melting. A protective film is formed outside the sugar crystals to prevent the intrusion of air and moisture, improve the moisture resistance of the product, prevent product deformation, and reduce the viscosity of the system to prevent the candy from melting.

4. Increase the lubricating effect of starch and protein, increase the fluidity of extruded starch products and facilitate operation.

5. Promote the dispersion of liquid in liquid, prepare W/O emulsification system, and improve product stability.

6. Reduce the surface tension of liquids and solids, and quickly spread the liquid to all surfaces, which is an effective lubricant.


Food emulsifiers are mainly used in baking and starch products to increase gluten network, promote aeration, improve foaming, and make the structure of baked foods finer; increase the volume, make the product bulky and soft; maintain humidity, prevent aging, and facilitate processing. Extend shelf life. Disperse fat evenly in cakes, prevent oil from oozing, improve taste, increase brittleness, and reduce the amount of eggs (usually 0.3%~1%)

Ice cream

ice cream

Enhance emulsification and shorten mixing time. It is beneficial to aerate and stabilize the foam, make the product produce tiny ice crystals and evenly distributed tiny bubbles, increase the specific volume, improve the thermal stability, and obtain an ice cream product with dry texture, loose texture, good shape retention, and smooth surface. The dosage is 0.2%~0.5%.


Improve the oil-water compatibility, fully emulsify and disperse the water, and improve the stability of the emulsion. The dosage is 0.1%~0.5%.



Increase the friction and fluidity between chocolate particles, reduce viscosity, increase fat dispersion, and prevent blooming. Improve thermal stability and improve product surface smoothness.


Disperse fat uniformly, increase the fluidity of massecuite, easy to cut and separate, improve production efficiency, increase product texture, reduce viscosity, and improve taste.