How to choose emulsifier

- Jun 07, 2018-

There are so many kinds of surfactant that a suitable emulsifier should be chosen among many surfactant to be used in practical production

The choice of emulsifier should not only take into account the technical effect (low dosage, strong emulsifying force and stable system), but also pay attention to the economic effect (i.e. low price)

Incorruptible, rich source), otherwise will lose its use value. So far, there is no theory to know the choice of emulsifying agent with ideal emulsifying effect.

Therefore, from a technical point of view, the most reliable way to obtain effective emulsifiers is to conduct experiments through practical systems. Current HLB method

The choice of emulsifying agent has considerable reference value. Although it is not ideal, it can avoid some blindness at least, so as to find suitable emulsifying agent successfully

It's more likely.

Selecting emulsifier by HLB method is to find the required HLB value of the emulsified body according to the manual or experimental measurement, and then choose the surfactant according to the addition and properties of the surfactant

Choose one or more of a series of complex surfactants as emulsifiers to approximate or equal to the HLB value required by the emulsified body,then these emulsifiers are verified by specific experiments to find out the best emulsifying agent.