High efficiency special green has become a new development trend of pesticide emulsifier

- Jun 07, 2018-

At present, China's pesticide emulsifiers have made great progress, more than 100 enterprises, annual output of all kinds of emulsifiers monomer and mixed emulsifiers 30,000


But the overall level of pesticide emulsifier manufacturers in China is not high, the strength of research and development is weak, and the quality is uneven. In many pesticide emulsifier enterprises

In, start from the source, a complete series of only a few manufacturers. Pesticide emulsifier is a prescription product, thousands of different preparations must be different

The auxiliary is matched with it. Even with the same preparation, the quality of different pesticide manufacturers varies, and the quality of the same manufacturer fluctuates at different times.

The formulation of additives is also required to be adjusted accordingly, which determines that pesticide emulsifiers must be multi-series and multi-variety fine chemical products. Because of the pesticide industry

The lack of motivation for high-quality additives leads to the popularity of low-quality additives, some of which contain less than 50% of the active substances, and a large number of aromatic hydrocarbons are added Products as a solvent, even the minimum stability of emulsion are not reached, let alone full play of the efficacy.

It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to create a new pesticide. And the reasonable compound of the existing pesticides can often achieve good results. so

The research and development of compound pesticides should be vigorously promoted. Paired emulsifiers suitable for compound pesticides are two types of mixed emulsifiers with different HLB values agricultural milk can be mixed with one or more pesticides, which can be adjusted to different proportions and can be applied to a variety of pesticides. Some agricultural pharmaceutical factories have developed and produced more than one

There are even dozens of compound preparations with small batch of single varieties and small dosage of auxiliary agents. If paired emulsifiers are used for matching, it is obvious to agricultural pharmaceutical factories and auxiliary agents

The factory is good. As the demand for high-quality pesticides grows stronger, specialized emulsifiers that can help active substances to take full advantage of their effects are on the rise

More and more attention. Good specific emulsifiers can increase the efficacy of the drug by more than 30% compared with conventional AIDS, which is the direction of the development of emulsifiers.