food emulsifiers and compound improver descripition

- Nov 06, 2018-

How to use food emulsifiers and compound improver? What products can be used food emulsifier and compound improver? Then, find the followed text, you will find more for the food additives.

yizeli additive

Emulsifier application Description

1. Beverage: stabilize protein, reduce fat separation, increase the texture and endow with smooth taste. 

2 Oil & fat: To be as crystallization modifying agent, controlling the crystalline structure of the fats in the food; to prevent crystallization restoration; to prevent the separation of oil and water; to improve the taste of food. 

3. Baking: to prevent the starch aging retrogradation, increase the volume and improve the organization structure, extend shelf life.

compund improver

Compound improver description

1. Baking: Impart appropriate strength and stability to the dough, to improve dough extensibility and achieve the best gluten strength, to improve the the baked volume and surface color, make the production and processing more convenient and efficient . 

2. Flour: To provide the exact ingredients solution according to the different needs around the bread, noodles and other food preparation,  to adapt to the production characteristics of the various types of flour products customer. 

3. Quick-frozen: to improve surface water absorption; the production process does not collapse frame, no cracking, no powder dropping, to make finished products smooth and white color. Cooked without mixing soup, non blister, translucent crystal surface, smooth taste and chewiness.