Experience of OP-10 emulsifier

- Jun 07, 2018-

Now I'd like to share some common knowledge about OP-10 emulsifiers.

The emulsifier OP-10 is synthesized by the condensation of alkyl phenol and epoxy ethane. It is soluble in water

Dispersing and cleaning properties, can be mixed with various kinds of surfactant, dye initiator. There are a lot of people who buy OP-10 emulsifiers, which are not used properly.

Stable emulsion is difficult to obtain because the HLB value of emulsifier and the required HLB value of emulsified oil are not suitable, so the emulsifier should be reduced

The HLB value, before emulsifying, should be pre-added with an appropriate amount of water in the op-10 emulsifier to dilute it to an appropriate concentration before emulsifying the base oil, which is obtained

The dispersibility of the emulsified oil in water is greatly improved, and a more stable emulsion can be obtained.