Compound food emulsifier

- Apr 07, 2021-

Everyone has a certain understanding of adding emulsifiers to food. For example, bread, ice cream, and milk contain emulsifiers. So what is the compound emulsifier? Is edible emulsifier harmful?

Food emulsifiers are additives that make immiscible liquids (such as oil and water) form stable emulsions in food processing. There are many varieties of food emulsifiers and a wide range of applications. Among the total food additives, the amount of emulsifiers is about 1/2, which is the most used additive in the food industry. However, various single emulsifiers often have limitations in nature. To give full play to the role of emulsifiers, they must be compounded.

A suitable compound emulsifier can produce a more stable emulsion than a single emulsifier. Therefore, almost all emulsion products use compound emulsifiers. Because the proper compounding can increase the packing density of the emulsifier in the interfacial film and improve the performance of the product.

Nowadays, food emulsifiers are developing in terms of serialization, multi-function, high efficiency, and ease of use. The types of food emulsifiers are relatively stable, but new foods and new food processing techniques are emerging one after another, and through scientific compounding with limited monomer emulsifiers, many serialized composite emulsifiers can be obtained to meet various needs.

What is a compound emulsifier? A compound emulsifier is to compound an emulsifier with other emulsifiers of different properties, or an emulsifier with other similar types, or it can be compounded with different functions . The mixed emulsifier is more stable than the emulsion obtained by a single emulsifier. This is because the mixed emulsifier is adsorbed on the water-oil interface, and the strong interaction between the molecules can form a "composite", which significantly reduces the interfacial tension. The emulsifier is at the interface The upper adsorption capacity increases, the density and strength of the formed interface film increase, and the stability of the emulsion is greatly improved.

Are edible emulsifiers harmful? In terms of safety, emulsifiers have already passed strict toxicological safety evaluations and are very safe. Not only are they used in my country, they are also widely used internationally. However, the use of emulsifiers should be appropriate, not excessive use. Excessive use of emulsifiers will also harm the intestinal function. We still hope that government departments will strictly control a series of food additives such as emulsifiers. Pay attention to food safety knowledge and learn more about food additive issues, and you can also test the safety of food through a food safety detector.