Application of emulsified wax in fiber board industry

- Jun 07, 2018-

Wood-based panels include fiberboard and particleboard, both of which are products of wood comprehensive utilization in the wood industry in addition to wood chips, it is necessary to have a certain proportion of glue material, so that wood fiber or wood chips through the hot pressure treatment of the adhesive molding. A certain amount of wax is mixed with glue.

Make the board waterproof and improve surface finish. Because of the small size of emulsified wax, it can be effectively demulsified in the manufacturing process of artificial board

Tiny wax particles are precipitated from the water phase and adsorbed evenly on wood fibers. In developed countries, no particle board can be found without emulsified wax and fiberboard. And domestic fiber board industry although also use paraffin as waterproof additive, but most manufacturers are still using solid paraffin. A small number of the factory also USES oleic acid and ammonia water to emulsify paraffin wax by itself, but because there is no suitable emulsifying process and emulsifying agent, the quality of the emulsifying wax obtained is not good, short time

In between, it is stratified, which can only be used now, and the wax particles are large, the product stability is poor, and the dispersion performance is not ideal enough, which results in the large scale of paraffin materials waste, increased the production cost of fiber board. For the production of high quality such as for export products plate manufacturers, often because of domestic emulsified wax products solid low volume, poor stability, performance indicators are difficult to meet production requirements, so we have to import emulsified wax water-repellent from abroad.