Application and characteristics of modern emulsifiers

- Jun 07, 2018-

There are several kinds of emulsifiers in the world, which are generally divided into three categories

The application and development of household products are discussed. The application of various emulsifiers is widely used in all fields of our life and people's production activities


The application of emulsifying agent is mainly reflected in the emulsifying agent theory and emulsifying agent technology of food, cosmetics and washing products

With the increasing requirement of emulsifying agent, the emulsifying agent related staff have been improving the raw material of emulsifying agent and the production and synthesis technology of emulsifying agent

According to the HLB value of various emulsifiers, the affinity between emulsifiers and dispersing phase and the compatibility of emulsifiers can be used to subdivide all kinds of emulsions

The application of emulsifying agent in the field of emulsifying agent was extended.

Emulsifiers are widely used in chemical, food, paper, paint, printing and dyeing, textile, environmental protection, petroleum, medicine, metal processing, petroleum products, waste products

Water treatment and other fields. The development, preparation, properties and application of emulsifiers reflect the latest research and application results of emulsifiers on emulsifiers

Research, development and application provide references.