About the emulsifier SG

- Jun 07, 2018-

Emulsifier is a surfactant with hydrophilic and oil - friendly bases. It allows two mutually insoluble phases, such as oil and water, to be miscible and homozygous

The homozygous dispersion or emulsifying body changes the original physical state. Emulsifiers are surface active substances with both hydrophilic and hydrophilic groups in the molecules

, which is concentrated on the oil/water interface, can reduce the interfacial tension and reduce the energy required to form the emulsion, thus improving the energy of the emulsion.

Now let me know the relevant features of emulsifier SG-9.

1. Diffused in water, with good emulsifying and cleaning efficiency.

2. It can be used as emulsifier in cosmetics, ointment, paste, shoe polish and other products, and also has the function of thickening.

3. In the textile industry, emulsifiers and oil agents used for synthetic fiber finishing are flexible and antistatic.

4. Used as thickener and stabilizer in paper starch coating.

5. The emulsifier SG is used as a lubricant for multiple transmission lines in cable pipelines.